You’ve successfully deployed Dayforce. Congratulations! Now the magic starts.

As you embrace your new HCM environment, you’ll see many immediate benefits. But your long-term ROI will be tied to how skillfully you use the system. This is where your true organization-changing potential lies — and we’ll help you get there.

Frequent areas of focus

  • Success metrics/KPIs
  • Training and documentation
  • Adoption strategies
  • Benefits updates / open enrollment
  • Data and reporting
  • Optimizing ROI
  • Testing and upgrades
  • System administration

A living HCM system

Dayforce provides you with ongoing enhancements, and AXL provides open access to our team
of experts whenever you need us. Both Dayforce and AXL are relationships you can depend on
for the long haul.

Key benefits

Maximize your long-term ROI.

Like any modern solution, Dayforce is a flexible, scalable tool whose capabilities and benefits evolve over time. We’ll ensure that you and your teams can not only operate the system, but grow with it and reap its future rewards.

Achieve full adoption and system value.

Internal users often default to old and familiar practices, even if those practices are at odds with a new system. We’ll ensure everyone sees how much Dayforce will benefit them and feels empowered to use it to its full potential.

Create accountability without creating new burdens.

Now that the dust has settled on your implementation, we’ll ensure you have the proper documentation, configurations, trainings, and internal communication practices. With Dayforce, you can achieve accountability and transparency without undue complexity.

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