At the start of an HCM implementation, questions abound. You might have these questions right now:
  • What’s our ideal end state?
  • What kinds of resources (time, money, people power) do we need to allocate to HCM?
  • Which of Dayforce’s toolsets do we need now vs. later?
  • How long should this really take?
  • How can HCM modernization support our company’s broader digital transformation efforts?

Every client enters HCM modernization at a different starting point. Wherever you are, we’ll show you the way.

Frequent areas of focus

Business objective and ROI alignment

Governance and ownership

Managing organizational change

Digital transformation

Practical strategy

HCM modernization can feel like an adventure into the unknown. AXL has developed a way of thinking that can be helpful at any stage of HCM modernization.

The A3 method

Assess > Agree > Act

Assess: In a structured discovery phase, we learn about your objectives and identify needs. We’ve seen it all over the years, trust us.

Agree: Share findings, establish knowledgeable consensus among stakeholders, and define success. Give everyone realistic expectations, a clear path, and how to know when you’re done.

Act: Fill in knowledge gaps, provide additional structure, and prepare the organization for efficient and informed change. Begin the journey with either system implementation or a handoff of strategic assets.

Key benefits

AXL strategy and advisory services

Understand the keys to effective HCM deployments.
We’ll lend you our experience and know-how so you understand Dayforce and its capabilities, educate and guide your internal stakeholders, and confidently lead your organization through modernization.

Achieve clarity and stay focused on your strategic goals.
HCM is bound to be connected to your broader organizational goals. We’ll show you how this process can benefit every other part of the organization and bring your teams into a more modern way of operating.

Get maximum value from Dayforce well into the future.
You’re making an investment in HCM and your operations. Fortunately, Dayforce is a flexible, scalable tool, and you’ll get the fullest value from your investment if you’re guided by true Dayforce experts.

Pre-implementation services

AXL’s pre-implementation services take customers another important step closer to deployment. Once you have your overall strategy in place, we’ll set you up for success with practical guidance.

Success metrics/KPIs: Align your business objectives to quantifiable KPIs, set baselines, and work toward time-bound goals so everyone knows what success looks like.

Implementation strategy: Take stock of all the moving parts in your deployment, from module selection and sequencing to structuring the rollout.

PMO/resource planning: How long will this take? Which roles and resources will be needed, and when? How can you track and control risks and financials?

Organizational readiness: Are your internal stakeholders ready to start this journey? How and when will you communicate and provide guidance?

Core team readiness: Is your project team set up for success? What do they need? How will you leverage their unique strengths and fill any holes in their knowledge or preparedness?

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